Tang Yuan

position:3F,4F      Opening hours:  Buffet lunch:11:30AM-14:00PM;  Buffet dinner:17:30AM-21:00PM


The Tang Yuan - refers to the time of Tang dynasty period in our country in the royal gardens peony very beautiful natural and graceful and elegant. Tang Yuan Chinese restaurant main high-end cantonese cuisine, also contains some classic huaiyang cuisine, hunan cuisine, tan dishes there dishes, make guests can also enjoy the above all kinds of Chinese banquet dishes. With a private room 13, design style from the characteristics of Chinese restaurant private rooms, exemplified the rich traditional Chinese culture, rooms name peony corolla, designs the name.

"Yu Zhao", "He Wang", "Qun Feng", "YuCui", "Cui He", "He Feng", "Xuan Ya", "Shang Zhu", "Qin Yun", "Qiang Wei", "Huang Guan", "Tian Yu", "Lan Fu" as the name of rooms.

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